China Au Pair

The China Au Pair Project was founded in 2010.  The Au Pair Project seeks to fulfill the growing desire for proficient English in China, and the growing interest in Chinese culture from around the world. The Au Pair project has already brought numerous people whom has passion for Chinese culture and speaks fluent English into local families. By living and learning together, the local families can improve their English, while the Au Pairs can immerse in authentic Chinese culture. This mutually beneficial nature of the relationship is the goal of the Au Pair Project.

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Shenzhen: 0086-755-83752130

Guangzhou: 0086-20-38814895 Any City: 400-998-7363

Working Hours: Mon to Fri 9:00-17:30

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Candidate Families
Mrs.Zhang's family
Live in:Guangzhou
Number of Children:1
Child Age:7
Mr. Kuang's Family
Live in:Shenzhen, China
Number of Children:2
Child Age:6 years old;1 year old
MS. Cai's family
Live in:Guangzhou, China
Number of Children:1
Child Age:8 years old